At some point, it's reasonable to assume, that you have been through the process of buying a prestige, sports or luxury car. Now, if you're currently thinking about changing your car you may be wondering about how best to go about it. Should you return to the main dealer who sold it to you? maybe, but it's highly likely you'll be disappointed at the price you will be offered for your car.

Another option would be to sell your car privately, but unless you're lucky you'll experience hassle, expense and possibly time wasting. And what about dealing with any problems that may occur after you've sold it?
A new option are the car buying websites? Mainly for the mass market you may be offered an artificially low offer price because some buyers don't really understand the prestige car market, so they'll 'play it safe' and resort to the lowest bid for your car.

It can all be so frustrating.

So why is selling your prestige, sports or luxury car to Motorhouse of Shipley a good option?

Passion! We love prestige cars and as a family run automotive business that understands and deals with prestige cars day in, day out, we will usually offer a better and fairer price for most prestige cars.

Our specialist buyers know just about all there is to know about prestige cars, whatever the marque. They buy cars like yours for our own stock or to be sold onto a network of equally reputable dealers with whom we have a special relationship. Every car is thoroughly checked over and serviced before the new owner takes possession. Unlike most car buying companies, we won't reduce or haggle over the buying price because of minor blemishes or detail. We're always fair about wear and tear and we'll always offer you the best possible price for your prestige car - often in excess of that offered by main dealers in part exchange.

So if you are looking to sell your prestige, sports, performance or luxury car call us first, we would love to help

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